Monday, January 16, 2012

Woman in Blue

It's late springtime 1700ish in England. The sun is shining brilliantly, the birds are chirping, the smell of new life is in the air and wildflowers are abundant in the meadows. The house is a moderately sized Manor, nothing too fancy yet you can clearly tell this home belongs to someone of importance. It sits up on top of a hill, has a stone gate at the entrance, a garden off to the side of the house and all around it are beautiful wildflowers of every color. The colors that mostly stand out are blue and white for they seam to carry some important detail.

Follow the wildflowers just for a bit, fore there has been a path drug through them. Someone travels this path daily. The path is steep and winds down a hill until it stops at a creek. When I turn to the left I see a tree. I'm not sure what type of tree it is, but it is large and full. Beside the tree while still in full sunlight is a woman. She is very petite. Her long brown hair is blowing in the wind underneath her hat. She appears to have forgotten to pull her hair up and attach her hat pin because she is holding on to her hat for fear it bight blow away. Her dress is blue, solid blue, the color of the Caribbean ocean.

I sit and watch her for a while waiting for her to turn around. I cannot see her face, only her back. However after a while she begins to move under the shade of the tree. Still she never turns so all I see is her back. I notice there is something underneath the tree. It looks like stone. I travel the path down further to get a closer look. I'm now just a few feet behind her and I fear she may notice I am there, but she does not pay attention to me. She is kneeling on the ground. The skirt from her blue dress is now flowing in the wind.

She is crying. Not a heavy sob, steady flow of silent tears. She begins to hum a quiet and soothing tune. She does not want to make too much noise. She is full of great despair. I move closer, close enough to where I am directly in back of her. I am now able to see the stone. It's a grave marker. I immediately conclude that it must be her husband, but as I look closer at the marker I see that I am wrong. The grave marker clearly indicates a young child is buried here beneath the tree by the creek at the end of the worn wildflower path. There is no name, no date, just "my beloved child".

Hours pass...the woman in blue stands, again I can only see her back. She walks to the right of the tree, raises her face into the sun, her hands in front of her. The sun is blinding and I can still only see her back. I can see her arms moving yet her hands stay in front of her. I am hoping that she will turn fore I must see her face. She grants my wish. As she turns to the side I see that her hands are on a protruding belly. She is with child. She stares directly at me, but the sun is blinding my vision. I cannot see her face. She turns and walks deliberately toward me, she stops just to my side and whispers "I had hoped to save my child with the blood of my unborn child". She quickly walks away up the path.

The woman in blue...She has disappeared from sight and I no longer feel her here in this time. I walk back up the path to notice that time has changed. I am no longer in the countryside of England and it is past present day. I am now in a park. There is a lake and many trees. Underneath the largest tree is a woman in a blue sundress. I can feel her sadness yet I can feel that she is carrying great joy. There has been no death yet a birth will save a life.

I am not sure what to make of this dream. Is it just a dream or something more? I almost feel like I have tapped into a past life and that parts of that life will be repeated, but the outcome will be slightly different.

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